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" While visiting a friend in TN & had severe Plantar Fasciitis pain and couldn't walk on my left foot. I called Dr. Bell's office at 6:30A to leave a msg, asking if they could work me in that day. Surprisingly, Dr. Bell answered. He was already up reviewing patient charts & told me to come on in at 9AM. His staff and he were so nice and caring . As he performed an ultrasound, Dr Bell thoroughly explained what we were seeing on the screen and in the print out. He was not rushed to get to the next patient.

He went into great detail to make sure I understood what was causing the pain, what treatment he would provide in the office ( that included a Cortisone injection, which helped tremendously) and what exercise, meds and other treatment needed to be done at home. He ordered special shoe inserts and shoes for me, to aid in the healing and corrective process.

Within a matter of days, I was feeling 100% better! Dr. Bell is a caring, skilled professional & answer to my prayer that day!  "

- Out of Towner that was in pain | 08/21/2019

" I visited Dr. Bell for the first time at Bolivar General Hospital today. He is the first Foot Doctor I have ever went to. He was courteous and did a great job taking care of my feet and providing me with my Diabetic shoe prescriptions and cream for my feet. He was very thorough and I am glad I chose to see Dr. Bell today. "
- W. Webster  | 07/20/2019

" Dr. Bell made my toes and feet feel much better today I had a painful lesion on my Right foot and Dr. Bell debrided it and I now can walk much better. He is a fine Doctor here in Bolivar General hospital. "
- Shelia R. | 07/20/2019

" I saw Dr. Bell about a bad hammer toe contraction on my right foot. Dr. Bell performed surgery on my toe and straighten my toe. I felt better no long recovery time at all. He is One of the Best Doctors for surgery needs in my opinion. "
- Albert H. | 07/19/2019

" Dr. Bell is a fine Doctor and a caring man that is passionate about his patients. He corrected my Bunion deformity with surgery and has helped me week after week to walk and feel much better even after the surgery. A great Podiatrist for sure.   "

- Satisfied Patient | 07/20/2019

" Dr. Bell is a Friendly, Great Doctor, I highly Recommend him to anyone. "
- S. Watkins 

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